What’s Your Plan?

The end of the calendar year brings about performance reviews. Receiving feedback information in any form at any time is an opportunity for reflection, improvement, growth and expansion. When feedback is received, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of a report, debate how true shared comments may … Continue reading

Little Red Wagon

The combination of “yes, and” is an awesome tip for creativity and problem-solving that originated with improvisational acting. In order to keep a storyline going, the actor must agree (yes) with the premise that is presented to them and then add to the storyline (and).   “The boy pulled a … Continue reading

Goodhart’s Law

Many organizations are choosing to do away with performance reviews because they are found to be ineffective. That they are done poorly by managers is one reason. Goodhart’s Law may be another. This week I met with Jamil, a regional sales manager, to talk about measuring the impact of his … Continue reading