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The results of your company are only as good as the people in your company.  Leaders are the principle shapers of an organization’s culture and strategy and the makers of your product.  What leaders think, do, and how they interact with others is critical to the company’s success. Leaders are often so busy with day-to-day work that they find little time for development planning for themselves or the members of their teams.  Also, they are often isolated from specific feedback, making it difficult for them to learn and change.  That’s why today many leaders have found coaching to be beneficial.  You’ve got great potential in the people in your organization.  Give them the tools they need to reach their maximum.  A coach is a great way to bring out the best in yourself or your employees.

 One-on-one coaching–The power of coaching derives itself from the trusting relationship between you and your coach.  The coach believes in you and your success, calling for you to move your vision to action and is a sources of accountability for fulfilling those actions.  Coaching can be done face to face or equally effectively via telephone. Jonathan is certified by the International Coaching Federation and trained in Career Management Coaching and Leadership and Talent Management through The Academies.  

Group coachingTo implement cultural changes in your organization or to build relationships among a peer cohort, group coaching combined with one-on-one coaching may be most effective.  I also offer public group coaching sessions with the added benefit of much more diverse viewpoints offered by group members.  Jonathan is a certified as a Group Coaching facilitator through Potentials Realized an International Coaching Federation certified program.  Recently he has been certified by Growing Your Leaders to facilitate peer coaching using the Peer Insights tools.

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Manager assessments–Managers are accountable to the people they serve.  It is easy to recognize a really good or a really bad manager, but what about the rest of us?  Unlike previous roles, it’s not so easy to know if you are being a good manager, a bad manager or a fair manager.  Getting assessment data is not easy, but its essential for your professional development.  Let me help you collect that feedback that will show everyone how great of a manager your team thinks you really are.

Leadership programs– Continuous ppersonal awareness is the key to becoming an increasingly better leader.  These programs bring together individuals in similar stages of their career and are often-based on existing programs such as DiSC, “One-Minute Manager”, Work Behavior Inventory, Tuckman Model for team development.  Three career-stages are leadership selection, leadership preparation and the new leadership role.  

Training–I am able to confidently, dynamically and effectively deliver pre-built training or create customized skill-building courses for your small or large group. Programs can include:  Delegation, Communication to support change, Building powerful teams, Leading effective performance reviews, Leading useful meetings, Strategy development, Employee motivation. I believe that training is most effective with follow-up interactions such as coaching or reporting back.  Outside of people development, I have the technical skills to deliver training in agronomy and genetics.

Team building–A major hurdle for a new leader is team building.  Involving the team in this process of building a new team or rescuing an existing one is often essential to create processes and expectations that allow for buy-in from the very beginning.

Public presentation consulting–With 15+ years of adult education teaching and facilitation, I can provide insight to what makes an effective presentation.  Knowing your goals, knowing your audience, making personal connections, telling a story, persuasion,data versus emotion.  

 Authorized DiSC distributor and facilitatorEverything DiSC (TM) by Wiley publishing has a wide variety of tools to identify behavioral styles for all types of relationships–peer to peer, manager to direct report or leader to team, for example.  Everything DiSC is an easy to understand and robust instrument for use on teams or across your entire organization.

Jonathan is a certified facilitator of Everything DiSC.

“Mike wants to be a director, but he really has no idea how to get such a position…”  Read Mike’s story.  Do you have goals too?  Call me at 952-956-4216 or send me an email

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