Coaching documents

Sample coaching documents

Coaching and Training Documents

Here you will find a sample of materials that I provide to clients and program participants.

  • The focus of my coaching and training is on Leadership Transitions.  These are moments in your career when you need to build new skills, behaviors and values in order maximize success.
  • Trigger Events are those events when it might be very valuable to you and your company to have a partner.
  • What is Coaching?  is for those new to coaching, especially new clients.  This is a first introduction to what differentiates coaching from consulting.
  • Stages of the Coaching Process provides an outline to the coaching process.  It’s not as clean as this model, but it is a start.
  • New clients have Expectations as does the coach
  • Coachability Index provides a measurement of your readiness for the coaching process.  A critical first step is your commitment.
  • Coaching Prep Form provides an agenda for each coaching session.  It brings focus and productivity to our time together
  • Manager Accountability is an example of group work that was done to help managers measure their effectiveness
  • Career Development Planning and Implementation is a coaching document used to guide the vision, assessment, planning and implementation of career development.  This document can provide the long-term agenda for a coaching relationship
  • In the exploration phases of career exploration, branding or strengths assessment, the Career Reconnaissance provides a lot of activities to generate thought
  • 10 Components of Career Development is an assessment tool to identify areas of career development on which to work.
  • A Day in the Life compares your readiness for the role compared to the expectations of that role.
  • Client Coaching Contract (example only) Your contract will depend upon your needs, but this is probably pretty close.
  • Company-client Coaching Contract (example only) Your contract will be based upon your needs.
  • Proposal of planned work to manager (example only) is provided to potential company clients.

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