“Jonathan engages deeply into his coaching, challenging assumptions and providing smart views into difficult situations. He is prepared, on topic, and insightful with his commentary. He pushes when needed but knows when to step back and try something new. The plans and exercises that we co-created were excellent for stimulating my career development. I highly recommend an engagement with Jonathan for any person seeking to develop new skills and approaches for career growth.”—Chris in Information Management

"I worked closely with Jonathan over a period of one and a half years during a transitional period in my career as I began to take on a people management role. My particular challenges included learning to manage  up, down and laterally and to form effective professional networks to further my career development within the organization. Jonathan provided a very supportive environment for self-discovery and self-exploration. His effective use of the Socratic method assisted me in elucidating the reasoning and emotions involved in my decision-making. His questions, frequently gentle but probing when necessary, challenged my assumptions and enabled me to lay out the choices before me and the relative merits of the options. Jonathan never came across as judgmental or pedantic. As such, my discussions with him a distinct mentoring quality with an undertone of his genuine empathy for me and my professional development. He also provided me with essential perspective on the challenges faced by others in my early managerial roles in the industry. The transition from contributor to leader can be an isolating and difficult one and Jonathan provided the perfect balance of support, encouragement and challenge to help me along in this regard. I look forward to continued work with him and would strongly recommend his coaching services to others.”—Neil in Research and Development.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan at Envision Partners for over one year now.  The experience has met and exceeded every expectation I had coming in.  Jonathan has helped me navigate more gracefully through resolving some particularly burdening conflicts, focus on leading through influence, building a personal skill inventory, resume writing, and most importantly helped build my confidence through our discussions and assisted in building a more focused career plan.  Beyond the effect it has had on me personally, the influence it has had on our company has been quite positive.  We now have an increased focus on managing people and building their careers.  Managing people and career development is now a frequent topic of conversation and even some formal groups for discussion of people management have come about.” –Carla in Operations


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