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At Envision Partners I specialize in helping individuals who have  previously built their success on technical knowledge to identify and embrace the new values, new behaviors and skills that will move them forward as successful people managers.  Download an informational brochure


With one-on-one and group coaching, assessments, and staff/team observations, I engage leaders to increase awareness of their perceptions; their strengths and weaknesses, and how these influence their actions.  I help the client create a clear vision around their goals; to understand and change what is preventing them from reaching their personal and business goals, and support them to courageously move forward to make their plan a reality.

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We are also an authorized distributor for Wiley Publishing’s Everything DiSC behaviorial assessments.  Jonathan is a certified facilitator of these outstanding tools.

The family of Everything DiSC products is built upon the identification of workplace priorities and behaviors. These DiSC styles are the basis of our relationships, both peer to peer and between direct reports and managers.  These instruments and facilitation materials are available only through authorized distributors.  Check out the on-line store.  

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“Ron was an intelligent scientist…” Does this sound like you?  Read Ron’s story. If you can relate, send me an email or give me a call at 952-956-4216.

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