Own or Lease

A recent survey by the American Management Academy indicates that one-fourth of all employees do not take “ownership” of their job. Much is written about how managers can help increase that number. I’d like to turn that statistic around and say that three-quarters of employees take ownership in their job—and … Continue reading

A Caretaker for the Brain

In a recent seminar on personal resilience, the characteristics of a resilient person were outlined as self-awareness, flexibility, self-assurance, organized and being pro-active. This list is accurate. However, I find these mental health characteristics of resilience are best achieved when built on a foundation of physical health that include: good … Continue reading


Reflection is the most powerful part of the Plan-Do-Reflect model, and it is the least used tool for making powerful progress. Looking back is a powerful way to mirror a desired future. I was thrilled to receive and share these powerful reflective questions adapted from my friends at CoachingTools. These … Continue reading

What’s Your Plan?

The end of the calendar year brings about performance reviews. Receiving feedback information in any form at any time is an opportunity for reflection, improvement, growth and expansion. When feedback is received, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of a report, debate how true shared comments may … Continue reading