The House is on Fire

Q: What do these three things have in common? Earnings report Checking the batteries in the smoke detector Performance reviews and goal setting A: They all happen on an annual basis. And that’s it. There’s about as much connection between an individual’s performance and the annual earnings report as there … Continue reading

Call It What You Want

Last week’s newsletter on more rapid decision-making resonated with many readers. Some comments about rapid decision-making included the phrase, “fail fast”. I found in follow-up replies that many are uncomfortable with this phrase. They were even more uncomfortable with “fail fast, fail often”. Apparently, no one wants to fail. Of … Continue reading

Consensus– The Silent Killer

In the long-drawn out attempt to achieve agreement on a decision, your opportunity has died. A common outcome of flattened and complex organizational structures is the tendency toward gaining consensus before taking action. The organizational structure itself does not inherently require consensus-style decision making. Rather it is the individual working … Continue reading

Own or Lease

A recent survey by the American Management Academy indicates that one-fourth of all employees do not take “ownership” of their job. Much is written about how managers can help increase that number. I’d like to turn that statistic around and say that three-quarters of employees take ownership in their job—and … Continue reading