The Change Equation: Variables Defined



In honor of final exams, here is a formula you should remember:

Vision—Where are we headed? Have you taken time to make sure to tell others the destination? Did you involve your team in some aspect of its creation? Do you hear others using similar language?

Action plan—Have you put in place specific goals with timelines? What decisions do you leave up to the team? Which decisions are yours? How much creativity are others allowed to find the solution?

Incentive—Have you made that destination enticing? Is there excitement or interest in the future? What is in this change for them?

Skills—Do people have the skills needed to get to the destination? Do you have the right people on your team? Do you need to pause and build up the skill set before moving on?

Resources—Do team members have enough time to get the project done? What materials do your people need? Do you have enough people to get it done? Do you need to ask for more from your leaders to support your team?

Very few aspects of leading people are formulaic. But if you are seeing any of these symptoms in your workplace, you might try plugging in the variables to see if you’ve got in place all the components of a successful change.

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